Sunday, March 30, 2008

Camping with the Cubscouts

Saturday we went to Gold Head Branch State park to camp with Pack 139. I am one of the Den leaders and my son is in the pack. We went for the 2 mile hike through the ravine. We picked up trash on the trail.(Very little of it to be found :-) After dinner we had smores. The boys had a great time running around and playing. Later that night, Ethan wakes up and tells me he doesn't feel good and that he needs to get out of the tent. I throw open my sleeping bag and I am in the process of unzipping the tent  when he proceeds to throw-up into my sleeping bag. I manage to get him outside for round 2. I put my sleeping bag out side and use the extra blanket we have for the rest of the night. 

The plan for Sunday was to pack up everything and then Ethan and I were going to drive to Juniper Springs and go down the run. The weather was looking worse as we packed. Finally we decided to drive back home. It actually started raining which made me feel better about bailing on the canoe trip. Ethan is feeling better and the spring isn't going anywhere...

Next weekend we are planning on going to the Santa Fe River and camping on the river. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Vase is Finished

The vase is finished and I have  picture posted on my woodturning site Click on the word to see the actual vase . This is a new direction for my work. Look for more in the future. I am planning on making a piece for each river that I paddle....

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lady bugs

This is a drawing of some lady bugs and a plan I have for making a vase.  I did finish turning it and did the wood burning and even the air brushing today. I am going to let it dry for a little while and apply a lacquer finish. I will post some pictures of the finished piece later. I will say the finished piece looks much better then the drawing. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Black and White Wednesday revisit

I wasn't able to get on the water this past weekend. The weather was bad, We got a new dog and my wife was out of town. So I went through some of my older pictures and found some that I liked. These were taken at Faver Dykes State Park. We went there in November and rented canoes, before I purchased my canoe. I wanted to see if the kids liked it. We had a nice few hours on the water and then a picnic lunch. This is a picture of my wife and kids. She is talking on her blackberry to her mother. The background is nice. We paddled on the river before this picture was taken and then had lunch in this part of the park. The kids were being silly.

My son said take a picture of my shoes. Since it was digital I obliged. This is one of photoshop elements, photo effects. It is remove color. I like how it kept the shoes green and the background fades to black and white. This was all about having a fun day at the park.
I hope you have enjoyed some of these pictures. I am sorry I didn't take any out on the water but I didn't want to take my camera. Until I got a dry bag.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wacissa River Black and White Wednesday

These are some pictures that I took in black and white last weekend on the Wacissa River. This Great Egret was hanging out. I like the breeding plumage.
These two turtles were sitting on a rock enjoying the sun. I like the little Cyprus Tree that is growing there. This was in the middle of the river. I can image in a few decades this will be a small island. 
These moorhens were making a racket and chasing each other around. This was good for me since they came right by. I like the frozen water droplets.
I got a little close to this Great Egret and off he flew.
This is a sepia tone. I sometimes like to change things up a bit. This color conversion was done in photoshop. 


Monday, March 3, 2008


Yesterday afternoon I was driving home and noticed the shadow of my car and the shadow from my boat on the road. This picture was taken with my cell phone. I had my good camera in the back of the car and couldn't reach it. I am rather pleased with the quality of the picture. 


Sunday, March 2, 2008

Wacissa River 3-08

Saturday afternoon I drove to Tallahassee I camped at the KOA Campground just off of I -10. It is a little close to the highway. The trucks woke me up several times during the night.  Sunday Morning I drove over to the Wacissa River and launched my boat by 9am. There was not a drop of wind. It was really nice paddling. As always I am on my mission to bring home more trash then I take. I picked up 10 beer cans and 3 soda cans, and a styrafoam cup. I left my grabber thingy in the car so I couldn't get the cans and bottles I saw underwater. I will save those for next time. Enough about trash. 

I spotted this Black Crowned Night Heron fishing, I sat and watched this one for almost an hour. I even moved the boat 3 times and then the wind took pity and pushed me over closer. I finally ended up about 20 feet away from this bird.
Dinner at last! Not only did he catch this fish but he stepped out where I could see him eat it.
The fish is still wiggling. 
You can see the lump in the birds throat. He took a few drinks of water and did a little preening and then flew off. It was an hour well spent. I was amazed at how still this heron could stand. And with the layer of Duck weed he couldn't see under water.
I wanted to get some pictures of flying birds. This is pretty hard in practice. You are in a boat that is moving you don't usually see the birds till they are pretty close then you have to get the camera out and focused on the bird. There were several birds flying today so I had some practice. This is a Great Egret in flight. They can have a wing span up to 4 1/2 feet.
There were several airboats on the river today. Man those things are very loud! The fact that the people are wearing hearing protection should be a give away that they might be too loud. I did spot these Ibis's flying from the noise. When these birds have their wings folded up on the ground the black wing tips are hidden from view. Only in flight is the black visible. 
This Great Heron has found a prize. I looks like some type of weed or grass to me. He flew off with it when he left.
This Red-Shouldered Hawk was making all kinds of noise. I could hear another on on the other side of the river and finally saw it fly off as well. They appeared to each be hunting their own sides of the river.
These 2 Moor Hens were chasing each other all over the place. And I thought the hawks were making a lot of noise. These 2 were carrying on like they own the river. 
It was a very nice weekend. I camped out and paddled a very nice river. Picked up trash so I did my good deed for the day. And I got to see several different types of birds. Stay turned for Black and White Wednesday.